About our products


 With our product images we do our best to show the product as realistic as possible. Sometimes it's hard to take pictures that show correct colours, lustre, without reflections etc. Picture appearance can also vary with computer graphic settings and so on. Notice that the product images in most cases are enlarged to show details. Details like inclusions, uneven etc. as not is visible with the naked eye can be visible.
 If it is written Reference image in the product description it is a common picture representative for several products of the same quality, size etc. If it is not written Reference image the picture is just for the one product as is in the product description

Size and dimensions

 Weight refer to net weight (item weight without wrapping).
 Fossils, minerals, jewellery, tumbled and polished items weights ands shown with 1 grams accuracy.
 Rought aand cutted gemstones weights and shown in Ct (Carat) (1 Ct = 0,2 gram).
 Minerals and fossils are measured "longest length"
 Shark teeth measures "slant" or in 3 dimensions L1, L2 and W, Look below a this side for sketches.

Gemstone clarity

Gemstones clarity is a sign for the qualitybut does not always mean that a stone with unclusions is less beatifull then a stone without inclosions. Emeralds can be more "full of life" with inclusions. Somne gemstones like aquamarine and topaz are ordinary without inclusions while emeralds without inclusions are very rare.
Thera are a lot of definations about how to describe a gemstone quality.
Below follow definitions stoneshop.se use:

- F = Flawless = Stone free from inclusions seen under 10x magnification.
- VVS = (Very, Very Slight inclusions) Stone with very small slight inclusions, hardly seen with 10x magnification.
- VS = (Very Slight inclusions) Stone without visible inclusions for the naked eye, visible inclusions with 10x magnification.
- SI = (Slight Included inclusions) Stone with small slight inclusions visible for the naked eye.
- I = (Included inclusions) Stone with inclusions visible for the naked eye.
- Transparent = Stone with many inclusions, light pass through the stone without diffusing the light.
- Translucent = Light pass through the stone but is somewhat diffused.
- Opaque = Opaque, no light pass through the stone.

Genuine products

All items are guaranteed genuine. We use reliable suppliers and do our own checks and controls.
Fossils are sometimes partly repaired and/or restorated to be in shape or to make better expressions. Fossils can also be set in a montage/composite, there genuine fossils are set in a new durable matrix, this is ordinary done with museum items. It will be clear stated in the product information if it is a composite or not.
All minerals are genuine, no composite or dyed specimens.
All cutted stones are genuine but can be treated, Heat treated and oiled stones are today ordinary all over the market.t
Ethics, laws and environment.
It is obvious for us to compy with laws and good ethics for humean and nature.
- We strive to use suppliers who live up to the same demands that we have for ourselves. Child labour, bad or dangerous mworking environment and other outrage or injustice are not tolorated by us.
- No items are illegal improrted or exported.
- No items are extracted or found in areas that are protected.
- We deal not with CITIES- protected species, fossils comprises not of these regulations..

We dont have resources to check everything, but we do or best.

All questions are welcome, use the contact form or send an e-mail.



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