Ädelstenar, äkta till bra priser

Gemstones are cut in two basic shapes, cabochon and facet cut.

Cabochon cut gems face has a curved surface and a flat (or slightly curved) bottom / back. The cabochon shape shows colors and cleavages in a beautiful way. Facet cut come in a variety of versions, grinded in different angles where the light can be broken with a prismatic play of color.

Which stones are precious gemstones? 

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in the past it was only diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire (and sometimes tanzanite) was called precious gemstones. Other gemstones was called semi-precious stones. Today, and for many years known all genuine gemstones are called precious or just gemstones. It is not only minerals that are gems, even amber and pearls originating from organic material contained within gemstone definition. Name of the gemstone may be a variant / variety of a mineral, it can also be a whole group of different minerals and / or have very own name that does not exist in mineralogy.


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