Fossils are preserved remains, imprints or traces of animals and plants from ancient ages.

Fossils can be found in sediment and sedimentary rocks.
Each fossil come with note/ label with information about the species, age and locality.

All fossils you find here are genuine (read mora about our items here).
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What is a fossil and how fossils form?

The word fossil originate from the Greek word fossus and means " having been dug up".

Different types of fossils

- Mineralized remains of animals or plants.
- Imprints after animals or plants.
- Trace after animals as footprint, trackways or coprolites.
- Hardned organic substance as resin wich become to amber. Amber can contain inclusions of insects or parts of plants that have been trapped when the resin was sticky.
- Frozen animals or plants which been preserved, ex mammoth discovery frozen in Sibiria permafrost.

How fossils are formed

To form a fossil a lot of things must be fulfilled. Just a fraction of all animals or plants which have existed has formed as fossils.
- Fossils can be formed when animals, plants or tracks has been buried in sediment material. The sediment material is built layer after layer and absorbs the lower layers wet, compress and transform to sediment rock, there imprints, animals and plants remainders can be exchanged to minerals and form as fossil. Earthquakes or erosions of diffrent kinds can make fossil to be transported to the upper layers and then be discovered.

- Amber is formed when tree resin has been hardened by the "solvent" in the resin has evaporate away. Amber has been found and is still disovered all over the world. Baltic amber is between 35-50 million year old resin from the age when it was subtropic climate in the north of Europe. In amber can be found inclusions of insects or/and parts from plants, these inlcusions has been trapped in the sticky resin and when it flowed more resin it has been capsuled. In the fiction movies "Jurassic Park" was Dinosaur DNA taken from mosquito stomacks which was inclusions in amber, this DNA was then used to make clones of living dinosuars, not possible to do today.


There are a lot of fossil fakes in circulation, for sale from dealers and among collectors. Some is very poorly made while other are fantastic well done and it could even for an expert be difficult to be sure if it is an fake or not. A lot of fake techniques exist. Resin, clay, grind stone, plastic material, milled bones, bones that have been on the "dungheap" for a while is used to make fakes and then sold as genuine. Genuine fossil buildt toghether with false material is also common. There are also rocks and stones that looks like fossil, for example an oval stone like an egg and for sale as a dinosaur egg.

To be sure to buy genuine items think about and check following:
- Order from reliable sellers with knowlege. Contact the seller and ask about how the fossil was obtained, were it come from, what knowledge the seller have about the specific items and how the seller is sure about it is authentic.
Many fossil dealers dont know what they sell och either not were it comes from.

- Give particular attention to fossils from China and Morocco.
It is not legal to export fossils from China mainland without special licenses, persons who break the law risks very strict penalty, even up to death penalty. The most of the Chinese fossils for sale from Chinese sellers on the auction site Ebay is fakes, to export fake fossils on Ebay is no chrime since Ebay take no responsibility about of it is real or not. Also in Morocco is it common with falsifications. There are proud trilobites shops who made fantastic copies, but it is not wrong if they sell fossils as replicas and the customer now that.
- Fossils that look to perfect is in must cases to good to be true. No dinosaur eggs are perfect egg shaped.



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